Syndromes and phenomena of not belonging
Hello darlings! How the hell is everyone? No offense to March, but where the HELL did February go?!? You were just here bb and now you left us with…

February 2023

And an #MHAWS writing retreat!!

January 2023

How to overwhelm your overwhelming to-do list
How to (not) let everyone and yourself down all at once

December 2022

(I’m not quitting you! (yet!)

November 2022

for the disgruntled academics we know and love ('22 edition!)

October 2022

(especially in November)
Making decisions about service

September 2022

Time to get aggressive about reaching your goals
Hello darlings! Is everyone kicking ass? I hope so! Many of you are political scientists, which means that next week might be APSA for you! I’ll be…

March 2022

Be a sponsor, not an sad sack