AMA (Ask Mirya Anything)

Rolling out a new feature in 2021

Hello darlings!

Are you ready to finish 2020 out with a fucking BOOM? Let’s do it.

It is time to say goodbye to 2020. (ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!) What are you doing to close out this hellish year? Here are things that I am doing. Feel free to borrow if anything looks juicy.

  1. I’m sending 20 thank you notes to people who helped me get through this year

  2. I’m writing down my failures of the year and then burning them. Fuck you, failures. This includes rejections, drawings of assholes from the internet, and 29 emails from administrators at my university.

  3. I’m thinking about the hard and easy lessons that I learned in 2020 and what I can use from them as I start in 2021.

    My hard lesson: Sometimes I won’t succeed, even if I work my ass off on something. Effort /= outcome.

    My easy lesson: I am a better person, academic, researcher, partner, person if I sleep enough and exercise. (this isn’t an easy lesson at all. boo.)

I’ll use my thoughts about #3 to help me as I start working on my plans for 2021 in January. If you want to follow along, I’ll be working on this document (yes, it is currently blank).

New Feature: Ask Mirya Anything!

I’m taking the rest of the year (and quite a bit of January) off, so this is the last MHAWS on 2020.

But! I’m rolling out a new feature in 2021 - Ask Mirya Anything!

Do you have a burning question that you’d like my advice about? Do you have a weird situation where you don’t know what to do? Is there some question that you are afraid to ask on Twitter or to your advisor? Are you interested in who I’m wearing? (LOL nope. no one is interested in that).

If so, please email the question to mhaws.ama[at]

- I may use all or a part of your question in a newsletter

- I will not use your actual name or anyone else's name in the newsletter (hello exciting pseudonyms!)

- I might combine similar questions together or use just a part of your question

- If I don't use your question, I'll try to reply individually, but this also depends on demand!

Think of this as a combination between Roxane Gay’s awesome column, a Dear Abby situ, and a vulgar honey badger yelling at you from her den.

Stay safe, stay healthy, be good to yourself and others.



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